Almost everybody does;  deep down it feels like you've got a little singer inside of you, even if you're too scared to let it out for anyone to hear.  Using improvisation is a wonderful way to access your natural ability to sing how you feel.  And being able to express how you feel is essential to being heard and achieving a vision.

These sessions are private.  Even if you have no intention of going public, using your voice in partnership with the piano player's improvisational music is a wonderful way to feel the power of your sound, soaring out of your heart and into an organic safe space.

AND Isn't that what we want in life? To express our power in the moment - the moment that it happens.


What you can expect from Singing:

Hear the song in your heart, and let it flourish.


Create serious or comedic sounds using your voice.


Compose songs and get in touch with your emotional expressions.