Do you like to joke around, maybe consider yourself to be funny...? 

A lot of people do.  Being able to spontaneously make light of something is a big part of what life is. That said, how annoying is it to you when someone - especially if it's you - is trying too hard to be funny and it just ends up forced and killing the moment.  Improv can help!


Are you a good conversationalist? Do you consider yourself to be deep and sensitive?  

Making a deep connection through meaningful conversation is very important to most folks. BUT, how frustrating is it when you misrepresent what you're trying to say, or someone isn't giving you the attention you deserve. For a good back and forth, improv can help.


Sometimes the best conversation partner is actually YOU TALKING TO MUSIC  

A master piano player can hold up half a conversation and inspire you to take risks with your half.  You may be telling your own story, you may be inventing someone else's and creating a new voice or way of speaking.  You may even be singing or making musical sounds. The piano is your partner to harness your unique way of expressing your way of looking at something, or to take it even further, your ability to imagine new content and view points, simply by giving and taking cues from the musical coach. Music can tap into a hidden creative potential.